Wood Floors

Are your wood floors looking old and worn? You don’t need to refinish them just yet! We can restore your wood floors using safe, fast, and affordable methods which get out dirt and remove scuffs and surface scratches.

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How We Clean Wood Floors
The technicians at Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning are certified by the IICRC as experts in hardwood floor cleaning. We clean all species of hardwood, including exotics, and all finish types. Your hard wood floor will be safe in our expert hands.

The process of getting your wood floor clean starts by removing dust and dirt from the surface. We then identify any stains or troublesome areas which may need pretreatment. Our technicians use the latest professional rotary wood floor cleaning machines to gently draw dirt to the surface of the floor so it can be removed from the grain. The rotation can also remove small scratches and scuffing from the surface of the wood so your floor looks new again. Please understand that we cannot remove large scratches. That is only possible with sanding and refinishing.

When necessary, our technicians will hand remove stains and worn areas from your wood floors with buffing. All of our cleaning solutions are pH formulated and tested before use to make sure your wood floor finish is never damaged.

Wood Floor Cleaning FAQs

What type of wood floors do you clean?
We can clean virtually all species of wood floors, including: maple, walnut, pine, oak, Douglas fir, cherry, mesquite, padauk, cork, jarrah, mahogany, pecan, and exotic species.

How do you clean wood floors?
It isn’t enough to mop wood floors to get them clean. You have to draw dirt out of the wood grains. One option is to scrub the floors to loosen the dirt and bring it to the surface. This would take a very long time. We use professional rotary machines and pH cleaning solutions to quickly and thoroughly clean your wood floor.

Are your cleaning chemicals toxic?
All of our cleaning chemicals are non-toxic and safe for you and your family.

How long does wood floor cleaning take?
It generally takes 1-3 hours to completely clean a wood floor, depending on its condition and size.

How long does the floor take to dry?
The floor will be virtually dry after we finish. You will be able to walk on it in socks or soft slippers immediately. However, you will need to wait several hours before you can walk on the floor in shoes.

How much does wood floor cleaning cost?
Contact us and we will give you a customized quote on wood floor cleaning costs based on the size of your floor.