Water Damage Cleanup

Parts of Los Angeles are part of the 100 Year Floodplain in California. While flooding doesn’t occur often in Los Angeles, the results can be devastating when it does occur. Whether you’ve got 1 inch or 1 foot of water in your home, you know that you need to get the water out immediately and dry the space before permanent serious damages occur.

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How We Clean Up Water Damage
Floods don’t just bring in massive amounts of water. Flood water is often tainted with hazardous substances ranging from chemical pesticides to raw sewage. As if the threat of water damage weren’t enough, you’ve got to worry about the safety of you and your family. Our technicians have been trained to identify and clean up the hazardous wastes which often accompany flooding and other water damage, such as broken pipes.

After making sure your home is safe from electrical and other immediate threats, the first step is to get water out. We use truck-mounted water pumps which can empty a flooded basement in less than an hour. Our technicians will then go over every square inch of salvageable surface with water extraction machines. The machines suction out water, including water which is lodged deep into surfaces. After jus these two steps, your home will already be on the road to recovery. When biohazards are suspected, we completely sanitize surfaces for your health and safety.

The most important part of the water damage cleanup is to get moisture and humidity levels under control quickly. High moisture levels often means a mold problem throughout the entire room or even in adjoining rooms. Depending on the extent of your flood damage and what belongings are affected, we may need to perform additional services like item pack-out or off-site drying.

Water Damage Cleanup FAQs

How much will water damage cleanup cost?
We cannot give price quotes for flood cleanup because each case is so different. We do work with many insurance companies and offer direct billing so you do not need to pay for our services up front.

How long will the water damage cleanup process take?
It generally takes 1-5 days to completely dry your home. However, the restoration process can take much longer, depending on the damages.

Will I need to leave my home during the water damage cleanup process?
If no immediate threat from mold or biohazards is present, you can generally stay in your home during the cleanup. However, be aware that air movers and dehumidifiers can make a lot of noise which you may find bothersome.

Can I clean up water damage myself?
It is possible to rent or buy water pumps and extraction machines. However, flood cleanup involves much more than just suctioning out water. It is important to have trained experts taking care of water removal and moisture control or else secondary problems can occur.

Can my carpet be saved?
When flood cleanup begins within 24-48 hours, carpets can usually be saved and completely restored to their pre-flood conditions. If your carpet is affected by sewage or Category III Black Water though, it will be necessary to throw it away for health reasons.

There is sewage and Black Water in my home. Do I have to throw away everything?
Hard surfaces like wood floors and tile can be sanitized and sealed, so they are salvageable. Soft and porous items like mattresses, bedding, and drywall usually cannot be salvaged from sewage. If you have a valuable or sentimental item which is affected by sewage, such as a family heirloom quilt, it may be treatable. Our technicians will explain the options to you.

Are your water damage cleanup costs covered by my insurance policy?
Flood damage (from storms, coastal flooding, and natural sources of water) are covered by Flood Insurance, which people living in the California floodplain are required to have. Have your insurance policy ready when we arrive and we can help you understand what costs are covered by your policy and what your deductible is. We can bill directly to your insurance company so you don’t have to front the cleanup costs.

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