Tile cleaning

As a home or business owner, you can clean tile and grout yourself by first sweeping it, dry mopping, and then wet mopping. This will remove surface dirt, thus reducing the amount of dirt which seeps into the pores of the tiled surface. No matter how vigilant you are though, dirt will eventually get into the pores of your tile and grout. Mopping cannot get out this deeply-embedded dirt, so you will either have to scrub with a small brush and chemicals or call for professional tile cleaning services. With Citrus Fresh Los Angeles, tile cleaning couldn’t be easier.

How Dirty Tile Affects Your Home
When tile and grout are clean, they become an attractive “wow” factor of your home. When they get dirty though, they go from being aesthetically pleasing to an eyesore. Dirty tile and grout isn’t just an aesthetic problem though.

Depending on where your tile is located, grout will likely be contaminated by different substances. In kitchens, grout becomes laden with food residues and cooking oils. In bathrooms, soap scum and lime scale are found in grout. In walkways, grout collects all particles which are tracked in on your shoes. All of these substances can be breeding grounds for unhealthy elements including mold, mildew, and bacteria. They become unhygienic and also malodorous.

Grout is typically made up of sand and binders. In some cases, the dirt in your tile and grout can actually degrade the binders in the grout. So, the dirtiness also has the negative effect of destroying your grout.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process
Citrus Fresh Los Angeles has been cleaning tile for two decades. This experience has allowed us to come up with the most effective method for getting tile and grout completely free and sanitary. The process may vary depending on the type of tile and grout. We always select our chemical cleaners to match your tile type and ensure no damage is done.

Our tile and grout cleaning process includes:

• Pre-treatment
• Pressure clean, extraction and rinse
• Sanitation
• Deodorization
• Quick drying time
• 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Optional tile and grout sealant

For cleaning tile, we use the Prochem Everest truckmount extraction unit. At up to 3000 pounds of pressure per inch, it is one of the most powerful extractors in the industry. Thanks to the multiple attachments, our Los Angeles tile cleaning technicians can clean tile and grout on floors, walls, backsplashes, and mosaics. The water spray is controlled so you never have to worry about your edging or carpets getting damaged. Our tile cleaners are very thorough and it will take about 45 minutes for them to clean an average bathroom. The tile will completely dry within 2 hours, during which time you can use the surface as normal.

Tile Sealant
Tile sealant is usually applied in most modern tile applications. The sealant is very important because it reduces how much water and soil can enter the surface. Over time, this sealant will wear off so we recommend having a new coat of sealant applied about once per year. If you elect to do so, our Citrus Fresh Los Angeles tile cleaning technicians can apply a sealant to your grout after they finish cleaning. The sealant takes about 2 hours to set and you should not use the surface during this time.

Make an investment in your tile. Call Citrus Fresh Los Angeles to get a free estimate for tile and grout cleaning today.