Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Your family pet can be a nightmare for your carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Even after cleaning a pet accident, residues almost inevitably remain. A small pet stain can then turn into a large problem, causing bacterial growth, foul odors, and permanent damage to your property. Citrus Fresh Los Angeles has the knowhow and technology required to get rid of pet stains and odors so your home can stay a healthy, happy place.

How Pet Urine Affects Carpets, Rugs, and Upholstery
If left untreated, pet stains can destroy your property in numerous ways. Carpets generally have two layers of backing which are held together with an adhesive. The heat and moisture from pet urine can break down the adhesive, causing your carpet to fall apart.

For all types of textiles, the acids in pet urine are particularly destructive. The most noticeable – and irreversible – problem is that the acids will destroy blue dyes. The reds, yellows, and oranges are left mostly unaffected, which is why pet stains turn yellow. Sometimes the blue dye is destroyed in as little as a few hours whereas sometimes the reaction takes weeks until the yellowish stain is noticeable.

What to Do If You See a Pet Stain
Because of the acidic nature of pet stains, they must be treated in a very different way than other types of stains. You should never pour any products on them unless you have an extraction device which can suction them out (such as a wet vacuum). Otherwise, the pet urine will just be pushed deeper into the carpet and possibly into the subfloor. You will not be able to get out this residue once it sinks in. Odors will remain and your carpet will be at risk of further damage.

If you are intent on treating pet stains yourself, then you will need to buy an enzyme cleaner at your pet store. Because pet stain composition can vary depending on factors like the species, gender, and age of the pet, we don’t generally recommend using these all-purpose enzyme cleaners. If you go this approach, always test the cleaner on your carpet first to ensure no adverse reaction will occur. You should saturate the spot with the cleaner, wait the specified time, and then repeatedly blot until all possible residue has been lifted.

If this approach doesn’t work, or you simply don’t want to risk irreversible damage to your property, then call Citrus Fresh Los Angeles for prompt pet stain removal services.

The Citrus Fresh Approach
When you hire Citrus Fresh as your Los Angeles pet stain removal company, you can feel secure that you are getting the most thorough services available. If an area rug is in question, then we will take it back to our facilities for deep cleaning with enzyme cleaners and at least two passes through our specialized MOR rug cleaning machine. For pet stains on carpets and upholstery, we typically send two technicians (more for larger jobs) to your home.

Our pet stain removal technicians use professional-level hot water extraction devices to ensure all residue is removed from your carpet. The process starts with applications of enzyme cleaners (chosen based on your type of pet), pre-treatments and pre-conditioners. The combination of cleaning chemicals will neutralize all pet acids and kill bacteria, thus eliminating odors and protecting your carpet from damage. All of the cleaners we use are non-toxic and based out of organic ingredients.

We don’t shy away from tough cases. If the pet stain has leached past the carpet backing, we will remove your carpet. The dirty carpet padding is cut out and our experts will replace it with a swatch which we provide. We will treat soiled subfloors to eliminate bacteria and odors. Both sides of the stained carpet are cleaned. Then we dry the carpet before putting it back in place. At Citrus Fresh Los Angeles, we want to make the experience as easy as possible for you. We will remove furniture from the rug and put everything back in its place. We never leave you with a mess to clean up!

Call us today to find out more about our Los Angeles pet stain and odor removal services. A friendly technician is standing by to answer all of your questions.