Curtains and Drapes Cleaning

When you open and close your curtains, do you see a spray of dust come out? This dust gets all over your belongings, gets into the air your breath, and makes your curtains look old and worn. To make sure your home is at its cleanest, you need professional curtain cleaning services. The technicians at Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning are IICRC Certified experts and make it easy to fully clean your window coverings.

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How We Clean Curtains
Most types of curtains and drapes can be safely cleaned with hot water extraction. This method is considered very safe and effective because the curtains are cleaned in place. There is no need to take them down for cleaning, which can cause damage during the cleaning process or wrinkling during the drying process.

Our extraction machines are professional-grade and work in combination with non-toxic cleaners. We choose the right cleaning solution for your specific type of curtains or drapes, and we always will test an area to make sure that no discoloration or fading occurs. With years of experience and training by the IICRC, you can trust us with your curtains! We take every job seriously and pay attention to the details. Both sides of your curtains will be cleaned, including any detailing and the spaces between ruffles.

Curtain Cleaning FAQs

What type of curtains can you clean?
We can clean most types of curtains, including many which say “dry clean only.” The reason for this is because hot water extraction does not cause the tumbling of a washing/drying machine, so the method is safe.

Do I need to remove my curtains?
No! We clean curtains in place.

How long will it take for my curtains to dry?
It depends on the type of material as well as room temperature and humidity. Thick materials like satins will generally take about 12 hours to dry, whereas thinner materials like laces will dry in a couple hours. You should keep your windows closed during drying so no dirt from outside sticks to them while they are still wet.

How much does curtain cleaning cost?
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